Vol 70 Issue 1 2003-12-01 Article 11740 from section "News"

Sun and Outline the Path to Version 4.0

Sun and the open source tools community have collaborated
to create a new roadmap for the NetBeans[TM] Application Framework
(NetBeans platform). The roadmap details the route the tools framework
for the Java[TM] platform will take to reach version 4.0. The roadmap
includes advances that should help developers constructing Web and Web
Services applications, desktop graphical interfaces and mobile clients.
It will also deal with critical developer productivity enhancements and
a redesign of the user experience designed to provide a more intuitive
developer experience.

"NetBeans will continue to provide a cutting-edge, incredibly productive
environment for a wide range of Java technology developers," said
Richard Green, vice president, Developer Platforms Group, Sun
Microsystems. "The enthusiasm in the developer community based on the
accelerating number of downloads demonstrates that NetBeans is beginning
to eclipse other industry tools initiatives."

The recently announced NetBeans 3.6 release is aiming for release in the
first quarter of 2004. It should include leading-edge development
features including a redesign of the user interface for improved
workflow and an improved visual appeal. The NetBeans 4.0 release is
expected in the second half of 2004 and should include automated
refactoring support deeply integrated into the IDE for improved code

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