Vol 70 Issue 1 2003-12-01 Article 11718 from section "Partners"

Implementation is Projected to Result in Savings over Two Million Pounds

Sun is providing Jessops, the largest independent photographic retailer
in the UK, with a Point of Sale (POS) enterprise management system that
is projected to deliver overall cost savings of some two million pounds.
The infrastructure will include the largest implementation of the
StarOffice[TM] office productivity suite in the UK, plus the first
deployment in that country of the Sun Enterprise Learning Platform for
staff training and turnover reduction.

Jessops will employ the Sun Enterprise Learning Platform to administer
the training program for its 3000 employees in the Jessops' Pronto ePOS
system throughout the company's 250 stores. The project began at
Jessops' head office in early November 2003 and is expected to be
complete by spring 2004.

Not only will the integrated POS enterprise management system run on
Sun's secure infrastructure, but it can also scale to match Jessops'
future projected growth rates. Jessops employees can use the Sun
Enterprise Learning Platform to register for learning events online and
have their progress through the instructional material monitored by
managers who need to appraise the skill levels of their subordinates.
Analysis of the learning data will allow Jessops to understand its
employees' ability to operate the new Pronto ePOS systems at time of
roll-out and monitor maintenance of productivity levels and customer

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