Vol 70 Issue 1 2003-12-01 Article 11657 from section "Features"

Expect High Performance Computers at a Lower Cost

The recently formed alliance between Sun and Advanced Micro Devices
(AMD) will enable Sun to offer a complete line of x86 systems that scale
out -- from 32- to 64-bits, and from single systems to entire compute
farms. Sun will add AMD's complete portfolio of Opteron
microprocessor-based servers running the Solaris[TM] Operating System
(Solaris OS), Linux and the Sun Java[TM] Enterprise System to its
entry-level family of UltraSPARC[R] processor and Xeon-based x86-based
systems, all at affordable prices.

With AMD's help, Sun can more readily fill the call for low-cost,
high-performance compute power with 64-bit, x86 solutions. The alliance
will give customers greater platform choice with a maximum
price/performance ratio. Sun and AMD will work together to optimize the
Solaris OS for the AMD Opteron 64-bit processor, which will enable
customers to take advantage of the industry's number one UNIX[R]
operating system and binary compatibility between 32- and 64-bit

With this new alliance, Sun continues its long-term commitment to
investment protection, given that existing Solaris 9 OS (x86 Platform
Edition) applications will run native on the Solaris OS for Opteron.
What is more, the Solaris OS and Linux will enable the coexistence of
native 32- and 64-bit applications.

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