Vol 66 Issue 3 2003-08-18 Article 10734 from section "SysAdmin's Section"

Best Practices for Advanced System Administrators

The Sun BluePrints[TM] OnLine document (August 2003) by regional system
support engineer John Cecere of Sun[SM] Services provides a quick
overview of the Linux operating system and compares and contrasts it
with the Solaris[TM] Operating System (Solaris OS). Topics include the
software, hardware, kernel, networking and the system components. The
document is geared toward advanced system administrators who are
familiar with the Solaris OS.

Cecere based the Linux information on Red Hat Linux 8.0 running on Intel
architecture hardware. Cecere covers:

- Linux Origins: A brief discussion about Linus Torvalds

- Software: Describes the Linux OS and GNU OE and compares them to
the Solaris OS, how it is distributed, installation process,
administrative commands, system and application libraries

- Hardware: Covers drivers for hardware and device nodes

- Kernel: Kernel versions in Linux, tables of kernel-related
parallels between Linux and Solaris OS and file system types, a
brief overview of a kernel rebuild, Linux modules, file systems and
swap space

- Networking: Includes interface configuration, startup scripts, NFS
and the automounter and troubleshooting

- System: Describes system components, includes reference tables for
standard file system types, boot processes, init run levels and
system files

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