Vol 66 Issue 3 2003-08-18 Article 10724 from section "Publications"

Successfully Unifying Java[TM] Technology, XML and UML

The Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) successfully unifies Java[TM]
technology, XML and UML, which allows developers to quickly build solid
applications based on simple models. The 720-page "Eclipse Modeling
Framework" attempts to delve into every aspect of using EMF for modeling
and code generation. As a testimony to its popularity, the Eclipse
platform was downloaded by more than 3,000,000 developers in its first

Authors Frank Budinsky, David Steinberg, Ed Merks, Ray Ellersick and
Timothy Grose, all leading EMF implementors, try to show readers how the
framework makes modeling simple and practical enough for almost any Java
technology project. The book also looks at why EMF modeling provides a
solid foundation for fine-grained interoperability and data sharing
across multiple tools and applications.

The book's coverage includes:

- Essentials of EMF and modeling for any Java technology programmer
-- regardless of experience

- Defining EMF via UML tools, XML schema, annotated Java technology
interfaces and the Ecore metamodel

- Generating Java programming language code with EMF: clear
explanations, step-by-step instructions

- Expert analyses of key framework classes, generator patterns and
design alternatives

- Practical examples of framework customizations and programming

- Quick reference to all EMF 1.1 API classes and methods

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