Vol 66 Issue 3 2003-08-18 Article 10739 from section "Storage"

2 Gb PCI-X Single and Dual Port Fibre Channel HBAs Fully Compatible with PCI-X Standard

JNI Corporation's FibreStar[R] HBAs have completed rigorous
compatibility and integration testing at Sun Microsystems. These host
bus adapters (HBAs) are now on Sun's pricelist and are available for use
in all Sun PCI servers operating in Sun StorEdge[TM] Open SAN

"Having Sun endorse, sell and support JNI HBAs is a milestone that
cements our position as a leader in Solaris[TM] HBAs," said Russell
Stern, CEO of JNI. "Sun Solaris customers can now get high-quality JNI
HBAs for Solaris as part of the Sun StorEdge Open SAN Architecture,
fully tested and supported by Sun."

JNI's two-page competitive brief highlights the following features of
JNI HBAs for StorEdge SAN Foundation software (SFS):

- Lowest Price for a 2 Gb SFS HBA
- JNI's SFS HBAs are Fully Sun Tested and Sun Supported
- JNI's HBAs can expand the market for Sun Storage
- JNI's HBA reliability maximizes availability of Sun servers
- Full PCI-X support enables easy migration to Sun's upcoming PCI-X
enabled servers
- JNI's proprietary testing system ensures that HBAs meet enterprise
- Scalable performance across multiple HBAs
- Customers know and trust JNI products

"JNI is a strategic addition to our Sun SAN Foundation Software and Sun
StorEdge Open SAN Architecture, offering our customers greater choice
and flexibility in SAN design," said Kathleen Holmgren, vice president,
Sun Storage.

Click here to learn more about the advantages of JNI HBAs for Sun Open SANs:

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