Vol 66 Issue 3 2003-08-18 Article 10715 from section "Storage"

Storage and Archive Manager File System

As a manufacturer of high-tech automobiles Audi AG recently needed a
fast, scalable data management solution to handle the approximately six
terabytes of data the company generates every day. For years, the
company used a hierarchical storage management (HSM) system. In order to
keep the system running in the face of capacity bottlenecks, Audi chose
Sun[TM] SAM-FS (Storage and Archive Manager File System), which Sun took
over from LSC.

Sun SAM-FS software controls access to all files stored and devices
configured in the master configuration file (mcf). The file system
allows data to be archived to automated libraries at device-rated
speeds. Data can also be archived to files in another file system
through a process known as disk archiving.

The Audi team first needed to calculate the necessary caches. Then, a
team made up of two IT specialists from Audi, an external installation
specialist, a clustering expert and an expert on SAM-FS configuration
worked at the various deployment stages -- hardware supply,
installation, configuration and pilot run. The result was a system with
unlimited capacities, and stability of the HSM solution. Audi also
enjoys the easy management associated with SAM-FS.

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