Vol 66 Issue 3 2003-08-18 Article 10711 from section "Financial Services"

Financial Information eXchange Engine with Sun[TM] LX50 Server

Sun and B2BITS are offering the FIXEDGE bundle, which combines the
B2BITS Financial Information eXchange (FIX) engine with Sun's low-cost,
high-performance Sun[TM] LX50 server and professional services. The
financial services solution facilitates straight-through processing
(STP), automates trade routing and integrates with any order management
system to automate trading from order to settlement.

The FIX engine is advanced software that facilitates real-time
electronic trading and securities transaction exchanges through the use
of multi-threading and object-oriented programming techniques. The
FIXEDGE solution cuts back costs by making transactions more efficient
and simplifies operations, which reduces overhead costs. The
standardization and electronic records reduce error rates dramatically.
(For more information on the FIX engine, see article [10712] in this

The FIXEDGE solution includes the Sun LX50 server, which ships with
optimized driver support and a number of Sun development tools. FIXEDGE
makes use of dual processors and the Sun[TM] Open Net Environment (Sun
ONE) to be the ideal solution for mission-critical applications such as

FIXEDGE is a high-performance solution that can support over 10,000
messages per second and up to 200 simultaneous sessions. It offers
availability with persistent storage and is the industry's first FIX
appliance to provide software/hardware failover. It is also designed to
be integratable, offering interworking capabilities with supported
interfaces: MQ Series, CORBA, Simple Sockets, and C/C++, with TIB, SOAP,
HTTP, Java[TM] Message Service (JMS), ODBC and XML.

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