Vol 66 Issue 3 2003-08-18 Article 10735 from section "Entry Level Servers"

Sun BluePrints[TM] Document

Advanced system administrators may be interested in the recent Sun
BluePrints[TM] Online document which focuses on improving the overall
system reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) of Sun
Fire[TM] V1280 servers and Netra[TM] 1280 servers. Console navigation
and precautions for using the System Configuration Card (SCC) are also

The console command is used to make a transition from the OpenBoot[R]
PROM prompt or the Solaris[TM] Operating System (Solaris OS) prompt to
the lom prompt. A shared physical connection to the serial port on the
server allows the operating of the console connection to a Sun Fire 1280
server. The connection is shared between the LOM firmware and the
Solaris OS. The document includes a figure of the typical navigation
routes from one layer of the system to another.

The SCC in the Sun Fire 1280 server contains the system's MAC address,
serial number and other configuration settings. If the SCC is dislodged
from the server, the server is prevented from booting. The document
encourages readers to check that the card is fully seated in the card
reader, and is secured by the cable tie wrap. The SCC should also not be
handled unless it is being transferred to another system. The document
outlines the proper way to make this transfer.

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