Vol 66 Issue 3 2003-08-18 Article 10638 from section "Servers"

For Additional Support of Sun Systems

Sun has released new SunSpectrum[SM] Instant Upgrade (SIU) part numbers
for the Sun Fire[TM] 6800 server. This new offering benefits customers
who need additional support for their Sun systems due to the need for
additional services not offered by Sun's standard warranty coverage or
the mission critical nature of the customer's IT environment.

When customers purchase SIU at the time of a hardware sale, they can
benefit from the increased opportunity to optimize hardware availability
and scalability by contracting for higher levels of support. This can be
done from the first day of installation. SIU prices are also
substantially less than when yearly support contracts are purchased.

It is easy to integrate SunSpectrum with hardware at the point of sale,
leading to increased customer satisfaction. GSO sales can also lead to
shortened sales cycles since customer quote requests are handled more
quickly with service automatically quoted at the time of hardware sale.
Recommended service levels can also be automatically quoted for each
system at the time of sale, leading to an integrated quote. A discounted
list price with warranty and multi-year discount factored in, along with
applicable end user Category S service discounts, are also featured.

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