Vol 66 Issue 1 2003-08-04 Article 10633 from section "Software"

Two Levels of Service to Choose From: Standard and Premium

Sun[SM] Software Support services have been repriced to meet
market/competitive requirements. Sun Software Support services offers
two distinct levels of service: Standard and Premium. The following Sun
products have been repriced (products formerly branded iPlanet[TM]):

- Sun[TM] ONE Application Server -- Platform Edition, Standard
Edition, Enterprise Edition and Enterprise Pro Edition

- Sun[TM] ONE Calendar Server

- Sun[TM] ONE Directory Server

- Sun[TM] ONE Identity Server

- Sun[TM] ONE Messaging Server

- Sun[TM] ONE Portal Server -- Enterprise Edition, Mobile Access
Pack, Personalized Knowledge Services, Secure Remote Access

- Sun[TM] ONE Web Communication (bundle of Sun ONE Calendar, Sun ONE
Directory, Sun ONE Messaging and Sun ONE Web Server)

- Sun[TM] ONE Web Server Enterprise Edition


- Extended local business hours (12 hour) for telephone and online
support (5x12)

- Four (4) business hour response on Priority 1 (Urgent) requests

- Two (2) authorized contacts

- Online incident submission and tracking

- Software updates and patches

- Access to online self-solve resources


- 24x7 coverage with live call transfer for Priority 1 (Urgent)

- Three (3) authorized contacts per eight-hour shift

- And all the features of the Standard support level

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