Vol 66 Issue 3 2003-08-18 Article 10778 from section "News"

Portable API Easy to Learn

Sun has joined the community as a Charter Member. is a communication platform for the promotion and
development of the Java[TM] Data Objects (JDO) API standard for
transparent object persistence. Sun's membership emphasizes their
support of the JDO standard, and their enrollment illustrates the
overwhelming interest in JDO.

The JDO API is a standard interface-based Java[TM] technology model
abstraction of persistence, developed as Java[TM] Specification Request
12 (JSR) under the Java Community Process[SM] (JCP[SM]) program.
Application programmers use the JDO API to directly store their Java
technology domain model instances into the persistent store (database).

"Sun recognizes that developers are looking for choices for access to
databases," said Rick Cattell, Distinguished Engineer Deputy CTO, Sun.

JDO is receiving support from many vendors. "JDO products, services and
commitment from large Java (technology) supporters such as Sun, JBoss
and Sybase are further evidence that JDO is an important component in
the Java (technology) and Java[TM] 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition
(J2EE[TM]) infrastructure," said Dirk Bartels, general manager for

JDO is portable, unlike many database query languages. JDO can be
integrated with Enterprise JavaBeans[TM] (EJB[TM]) components.
Developers do not need to learn database languages such as SQL.

Details at

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