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Vol 66 Issue 3 August 18 to August 24

System News for Sun Users
Web Edition:

Table of Contents
10778 Sun Supports Java[TM] Data Objects API by Becoming a Charter Member
10792 WS-I Delivers Basic Profile 1.0
10793 How the Sun N1[TM] Blades Starter Pack Provides Faster Deployment at
Lower Cost
10791 StarSuite[TM] 6.0 Included with Acer Notebooks

10729 Java[TM] Technology Live Chat: Enterprise JavaBeans[TM] 2.1
10733 Integrate 2003
10726 An Executive Overview on the Mission-critical IT Infrastructure

10688 "A Programmer's Guide to Java[TM] Certification: A Comprehensive
Primer, Second Edition"
10613 "Code Generation in Action"
10724 "Eclipse Modeling Framework"

SysAdmin's Section
10734 Comparison of Linux and Solaris[TM] Operating System
10675 Introductory Course on Crash Dump Analysis and the SunOS[TM] Kernel

10645 Sun Fire[TM] 4800 Server Six-month Promotion
10701 Sun[SM] Alert ID 56000: Frame Manager Service LED
10638 SunSpectrum[SM] Instant Upgrade Part Numbers for Sun Fire[TM]
6800 Servers

Entry Level Servers
10702 Sun Fire[TM] B1600 Blade Chassis Administration Course
10735 Improving Sun Fire[TM] V1280 Server and Netra[TM] 1280 Server RAS

Financial Services
10711 FIXEDGE Solution from Sun and B2BITS
10712 FIX Protocol Aims to be the Industry Standard for Electronic Trading
10713 Smart Banking Architecture

10739 JNI FibreStar[R] HBAs Now Available for Sun StorEdge[TM] Open
SAN Environments
10715 Audi AG Finds Success with Sun[TM] SAM-FS
10785 Sun StorEdge[TM] 3310 SCSI Array Handles the Toughest Environments

Life Sciences
10684 Global CONNECT to Promote Technology Enterprises and
Regional Innovation
10685 Patient Centered Access to Secure Systems Online
10686 Perlegen Sciences Scans Entire Human Genomes

10775 CambridgeDocs' PDF-XML Publishing Server
- Why You Should Have Your Own Edition of this News Magazine
for $200 per Month

10736 Free Certification Workshop at SunNetwork[SM] 2003: Limited
Time Offer
10795 Get Free Software at the SunNetwork[SM] Conference 2003
10797 Accelerating Service Deployment with Java[TM] Technology