Vol 66 Issue 1 2003-08-04 Article 10642 from section "Servers"

Optional Earthquake Restraint Kit also Available

Sun is introducing a lower-priced base cabinet (F6800-1) for the Sun
Fire[TM] 6800 server. The F6800-1 cabinet also has new warranty terms
that meet the support terms and length for the Sun Fire[TM] 12K server
and Sun Fire[TM] 15K server. The warranty length is now one year on the
hardware and 90 days on the software media.

Sun is also now offering an optional earthquake restraint kit for the
Sun Fire 6800 server for those customers in high-risk locations who may
require this added security. The earthquake restraint kit allows the
F6800-1 cabinet to be secured to a concrete floor. The kit consists of
door restraint brackets and server hold-down brackets. When correctly
mounted to the floor, the rack will meet NEBS zone 4 earthquake

The configuration requirement which mandated that all four I/O assembly
slots be occupied with either PCI, cPCI or Sun Fire[TM] Link assemblies
has been reduced. New Sun Fire 6800 server orders now only require one
I/O assembly be configured. A filler panel option is now available and
can be substituted for the more expensive I/O assemblies options at no
additional charge.

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