Vol 66 Issue 1 2003-08-04 Article 10629 from section "Software"

New Features Add Value to Secure, Reliable Solaris[TM] OS

Sun has announced the release of the Solaris[TM] 9 8/03 Operating System
(SPARC[R] and x86 Platform Editions). This new release includes
scalability, availability, manageability and security enhancements and
integrates fixes, performance improvements and select new technologies.
The software is available in an easy-to-install configuration and has
guaranteed binary compatibility with prior Solaris OS releases.

New features include:

- Gnome 2.0

- Multi-terabyte UFS (SPARC Platform Edition only)

- Live Upgrade Boot Environment Enhancements

- Support for new Sun Fire[TM] V60x servers and Sun Fire[TM] V65x

- IP Multipathing Query Interface

- PDASync Support PalmOS 4.0/5.0 & Globalization

- Audit Enhancements

- BIND 8.3.3

- Smartcard Terminal Interfaces

- Unicode 3.2 support in Solaris OS Unicode locales

- TCP Multi-Data Transmit (MDT)

- XScreenSaver

- Support for the Sun StorEdge[TM] 3310 storage array with the new
Sun Fire V60x servers and Sun Fire V65x servers

By delivering increased scalability and performance with increased
availability, security and manageability, Solaris 9 OS helps customers
reduce the cost of operations while delivering higher service levels.

Minimum system requirements include 1 GB disk space, 128 MB RAM and
SPARC or x86 platform processor(s). Users of Sun hardware must acquire
and upgrade license; customers with hardware not from Sun must acquire a
Solaris OS license. The product includes a 90-day warranty.

Details at

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