Two minor issues to share.

I've had issues with the Sun Ultra 45 workstations involving the USB
keyboard and mouse, so it seemed. Mainly after some reboots the
workstation can't see the USB keyboards or mouse and prior the the ok
prompt the system responds with several messages about not being able
to see USB ports or something similar. Some times it would take
several warm reboots or even two or three cold starts until the Ultra
would finally be able to see the standard Sun keyboard and mouse.

At the time Sun really didn't have an answer for me, but has recently
released a PROM/OBP patch for the Ultra 45 workstations. In the patch
description it mentions a fix for losing contact with the USB hub. I
have loaded it on 20 Ultras without any problems so far. It's too
early to tell if this will completely resolve with anomaly, but the
patch does reveal that the Sun team is aware of USB problems.


A second minor issue I've seen involves the XVR-2500 video cards
(frame buffers). By the way, everything is DVI to DVI connected.

This very infrequent occurrence involves one of the three monitors
connected to the dual XVR-2500s, the one monitor would not wake up.
Only after a SYSTEM reboot would it resolve the problem. Again, Sun
was unable to help me with this problem. I'm hoping it's because I
"disabled" power via SMF and not via the power.conf file.

If anyone else knows about this keep an eye out for XVR-2500 patches.

Latest XVR-2500 patch:

I could only use the XVR-2500 patch up to revision 16 as revs. -17 &
-18 did not display ReviewView cursors correctly when swiping between
two images.

Good luck,