Looking to connect to corporate vpn that uses j-sam. At home I'm
running Solaris10 on a sparc box. I'm currently working with the
network guys to get this going but wanted to see if anyone had done
this before and what the client side issues might be.

I connect via Mozilla and the j-sam client seems to install properly.
Now assuming that the network/security folks get their side of things
set up (rules, etc) I should be able to connect to the servers beyond
the firewall via an ssh session from a terminal window. They have
lots of folks connecting with wsam (w-sam?.)

Saw a couple of items on the web that mentioned being able to access
via 'ssh' or something similar from a terminal window.

Never used any of this and would like to hear from anyone who has
experience with it. Tips might also be useful for the network folks,
which I would pass along so I could get this running correctly.