I'm following the document "X64 Servers Utilities Reference Manual"
from Sun,
which describes how to obtain and install on Linux the MSM-IR Utility
for the
X4100's integrated MegaRAID controller .

According to the document, the software should be on a "Tools and
CD. I have downloaded all the software (version 1.3) images for x4100
servers (non-M2) from Sun, and there is no "Tools and Drivers" CD for
x4100s. There is no such CD among the CDs shipped with the box either.
Moreover, there is no file:


anywhere on any of the CD images that are available for download from
(non-M2 X4100), as the "X64 Servers Utilities Reference Manual" says
should be in order to install the MSM-IR software. There is a "Tools
and Drivers"
CD for X4100 M2, but again there is no MSM-
file on that CD either

Any help will be very much appreciated.

- Arash