Ok, so I'm trying some different milters with Sendmail. Unfortunately, I
cannot seem to remove a dependency that I managed to put into place in
the Sendmail smf dependency list:

fmri svc:/network/smtp:sendmail
name sendmail SMTP mail transfer agent
enabled true
state online
next_state none
state_time Thu 24 May 2007 09:01:45 PM EDT
logfile /var/svc/log/network-smtp:sendmail.log
restarter svc:/system/svc/restarter:default
contract_id 1467
dependency require_all/refresh file://localhost/etc/mail/sendmail.cf (online)
dependency require_all/refresh file://localhost/etc/nsswitch.conf (online)
dependency optional_all/none svc:/system/filesystem/autofs (online)
dependency require_all/none svc:/system/filesystem/local (online)
dependency require_all/none svc:/network/service (online)
dependency require_all/refresh svc:/milestone/name-services (online)
dependency optional_all/refresh svc:/system/identity:domain (online)
dependency optional_all/none svc:/system/system-log (online)
* dependency require_all/refresh svc:/network/mimedefang:mimedefang (online)
* dependency require_all/refresh svc:/network/saslauthd:default (online)

Basically, I'm trying to remove the dependency on the mimedefang and
saslauthd services. I'v tried deleting the sendmail, mimedefang and
saslauthd services and re-importing the config files (after ensuring
that the .xml's have no dependency declarations). However, each time
I reimport the senmail .xml file, the service description returns with
the dependencies on mimedefang and saslauthd.

I've googled around and only got one hit (related to Veritas disks),
but trying similar steps didn't work. Right now, I'm at a loss. Any
ideas or pointers to good how-to type resources would be greatly



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