I am not quite sure if this is the right group to point to a package
management system. When I started to use Solaris at version 2.5 the
problem was to get 3rd party software for it. Usually you have to
compile things manually and you are about to become a maintainer for
all the 3rd party software on your machines. Sites like
sunfreeware.com tried to help and got things working.

I really would like to introduce you to an old and stable package
management system called pkgsrc. pkgsrc is the package management
system for NetBSD and DragonFlyBSD, however it was ported to Solaris
in 1999. pkgsrc itself consists of dozens of directories with
makefiles and is used to download the sources, cares for the
dependencies, builds everything and installs it. The compiled software
can be stored as pkgsrc packages which can be installed later without
recompiling. The dependencies aren't lost, of course. What I really
like about this system is the idea of maintained packages, monitored
by a large group of people - not as a small initiative.

If you are curious about it, just look at a webpage I made for further
explanation and how to get things started:


There are about 3000 binary packages ready for installation - so just
try it out. The packages were compiled on Solaris 9 sparc but should
work for 8/10, too. There is documentation about it and it just takes
you a few minutes to get started.

Please note: I am not a member of the NetBSD Team - this is just a
private initiative to build a trustworthy system of 3rd party
applications. If you like to try it out - feel free to do, if you
would like to help me, get in contact with me - you'll find the data
on the webpage or contact me in the forum. Just don't blame me for any
damage that may have caused to your system, I am using the packages on
15 production related Solaris 9 servers with success, however I
haven't tested all 3000 packages of them. I need your help and your
work to keep up. Just give it a chance and have a look at it.