I've installed solaris 10 on a pc with 3 hdds. I set the first to be the
boot hdd, but every time I reboot from the boot cd in the install
procedure I get the following:

"Can't find PBR"

I then have to reinsert cd1 and select hdd as the software source, and
not the cd, so that it will continue with install.

I've installed it 3 times this way, trying different things.

I know once finished, the entire solaris os is on the hdd, but it will
not boot from hdd.

Several Web sites have explained a few things, but none work.

To me it sounds like the mbr (or equivalent) is not on the right disk.

Can someone offer any advice as to what to do next?

I can boot into single-user mode no problem by booting off the cd and at
the Select Boot Mode screen (if that's what its called) I type in "b -s".

From there I can ls to my hearts content. Can I start the CDE from
here, or do I have to use a different command to boot?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I've tried everything that
google returns, with no luck.:-(