i tried the realplayer10 experimental for sparc from helixcommunity,
but abandoned it for the moment and retreated to realplayer8.

installed, on an ultra-1 200E, out of the box it gave me 5 of the
approximately 30 stations listed at www.operacast.com (so help me, i
like classical and jazz, hate pop, and that is the place to find much
of that) which use realplayer.

under solaris 9 the install went fine, but all the other stations,
which had such extensions as .smil, .rn, .rm, or .ram failed.

i am using firefox 1.5.1rc. the installer only installs stuff into

i went to netscape, and things are better, but there are still a
substantial number of the stations which i cannot play. and netscape
is a pita. (and at least one station which netscape can't play is found
under firefox on a windows laptop using xp home and realplayer10 - i
borrowed it to test. any ideas?)

in firefox i went to aboutlugins. there is only one mimetype
which is reported. presumably i have to manually get the other mime
types into firefox. HOW? (the netscape (realplayer8 built in install
does it for netscape) installation is opaque to me. and the realplayer
preferences do not even offer the options which the instructions say
are there!)

any clue as to how to get these mimetypes into firefox?

(by the way, i have a similar problem with firefox and
realplayer10GOLD experimental on an ul2 running solaris 10.)


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