Hi to all!
I have Ultra 10 system witch Solaris 10 installed.
I've just instal mc-4.6.0-SunOS5.8-sparc-CSW.pkg.gz
with all of the needed libraries.

When i'm trying to run:
#./mc -c (of course in suitable catalog)

i have only black-white (monochrome) Midnight Commander
So my question is :
How to enable colors on the command line terminal?

As far as i know it depends on one of the commands from OBP
probably from "screen" section but i can't find solution for this problem.

Can anyone help me?
What is "magic" command in OBP wchich enables
colours on the comand line terminal?

(Of course on the termilal via ssh i have nice blue
Midnigh Commander

My video card is PGX24 (chipset ATI)

Thaks in advance

Artur DÍbski
http://pl.solaris-x86.org (under construction)