I've configured my Sun One instance to have an Active Directory Server
as it's default LDAP database. I am able to enumerate my AD groups
and Users via the "manage users and groups" pages within SunOne web
Server so I know that I have setup my Base DN correctly so far.

However when I configure an ACL to authenticate back to the LDAP (AD)
database, it never finds a match for the userid that was entered.
Sniffing the packets between the SunOne WebServer and the AD machine
reveals that the LDAP query that is being sent is "uid="
where " is the username that was entered in the pop up
authentication box. I realize that AD doesn use the "uid" attribute,
but instead uses the "sAMAccountName" attribute.

Is there any way to have Sun One WebServer map the "uid" attribute to
"sAMAccountName" so that it can successfully query AD?

I've been searching all over and can't find any references to a
possible solution for this. Any help is appreciated.