CJT wrote:
> Dave wrote:
>> I don't know about others, but I get rather fed up trying to compile
>> open-source software

> It's open source. You're part of the community, so work on it.
> B*tching is no help.

I'm not just B*tching - I have spent a lot of time (~15-20 hours) on it,
passing comments, code, patches etc back to the author etc.

But the fact remains it is a pain, and whilst it WILL get there, the
time is considerable.

Just spent half an hour on the latest release with Sun Studio 11
compiling it fine, then to get:

gcc -I../include -I. -O3 -fPIC -c MakeDescAux.c
sh: gcc: not found
*** Error code 1

So now it decides it *must* have gcc, whereas I'd made sure gcc was not
in the path.

This sort of thing can not be in Sun's interest. For commercial use
people do want to use hardware & development tools with which their
software builds without too much hassle. But how are people supposed to
check if their package runs on a Sun unless they have access to one? Not
everyone does.

Many years ago, before being able to afford a Sun and before Linux
existed, I used to run Interactive UNIX on a PC. Much software of the
day would not build easily on that, but would on the Suns I had access
to at work.

Today it seems Linux is the easy platform for installing software and
whilst Suns are not as hard as Interactive UNIX was back then, it can be
a pain. Especially on large programs, which depend on countless libraries.

If Sun made some decent(ish) machines available for test purposes,
authors of software would more likely test it and sort out bugs. Good
for open-source software and good for Sun.

Dave K


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