Dave wrote:
> For the last day I have tried to build this:
> http://modular.ucsd.edu/sage/
> but many of the libraries it needs are broken in some way or another on SPARC.

I doubt very much they are broken. Missing some "feature" maybe.

> Some libraries work with gcc, some with Studio 11, some with
> neither and some with both. The end result is the same - I can't get it
> to build.

I wonder if its just SPARC.
How much luck you'd have on any Linux platform as well...?
Probably better Ill admit but chances are it wont "just work".

I'd have to spend the time on it, but I suspect 'sage' might present
difficulties on any platform that doesnt have the latest greatest non
compatible something from and a half... of some "required"
that wont compile unless you use a specific version of g++ that you
have to
install for just ONE module : / Sorry version or older wont
work !
Of course if g++ is involved them you will probably demangling

> In this case the author of the program is going to use my machine for
> testing, but it is not something I cam set up to do in general.

Well if its that important to you its not much of a sacrifice : >

As someone else says - its open source. Sometimes you get warts. Lotsa
If I were Sun Id let that dog lay right where it is.
Or they could hire me full time (and bunch of others) to try and keep
up with
all this stuff. Unlikely.