In comp.unix.solaris Logan Shaw wrote:
> Ian wrote:
>> Logan Shaw wrote:
>>> Dave wrote:

>>>> Given a choice, (free Sun Studio 11 or free patches) I know what I
>>>> would take. How about you?

>>> For home use, I would take free patches. gcc is perfectly adequate for
>>> many uses.

>> For home use, Studio 11 (which offers way more than just a compiler) and
>> run Solaris Express.

> Just because it's for home use doesn't mean it's not important. I have
> financial information and other important records stored on the machine.
> Also, the machine I use at home is hooked directly to the Internet, so
> I don't want to have to wait potentially a month or more to get security
> fixes. In fact, I'm not even sure that security fixes are a priority for
> Solaris Express, since it's not meant to be used on a production system.

Well security patches will come out and be available for everyone, ASAP.
That's been made _quite_ clear.

For other patches, the regular updates will incorporate and roll-up the
patches to date, also for free download.

So if you don't want to pay the service plan, you can stay safe with security
patches only and wait for the (roughly) quarterly updates to patch the rest.
Honestly, there are very few non-security bugs that affect me on Solaris. I
could survive with the free plan quite happily.