Hi All,

I am writing a VSS hardware provider on Windows Server 2003 with the reference of sample VSS hardware provider given in VSS SDK. According to the concept of hardware provider, we can query the storage appliance to create a snapshot. I am also doing the same. So, here are few queries from my side.

I want hardware provider to stop execution after the API "PostCommitSnaphot". How can I tell the VSS about the completion of snapshot process? As of now, I am getting a call till "FillInLunInfo" and as the snapshot is getting created on some remote machine, I dont have any details of snapshot to fill in VSS snapshot structure. Hardware provider execution fails at this point.
I tried setting snapshot state value to VSS_SS_POSTCOMMITTED, but this is reserved for system use.
I don't want to create a transportable snapshot. According to my knowledge, the requestor tells the VSS about the snapshot completion.

Can anyone guide me how to do this ? How to tell VSS regarding completion of snapshot through hardware provider, so that I can skip unwanted VSS APIs.

OR can anyone guide me how to write a simple hardware provider which will not create any snapshot on local machine without any errors?