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"maxkumar" wrote:
> My apologies, but I forgot to mention that this T drive is configured as
> 5 on the SAN storage. And there are no problems with the disk itself
> since
> the RAID manager does not show any bad sectors. The corruption problem is
> with the file system and file allocation table, hence I wanted to run
> chkdsk.
> I suppose since this is a RAIDed drive, I will not be able to run chkdsk
> with
> /r option since the physical disk(s) are not exposed to windows in this
> case?
> "maxkumar" wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a Windows 2000 Advanced Server (with SP4) machine in our
>> production
>> environment which is connected to a SAN storage. One of the drives in the
>> SAN
>> (mounted as drive letter T on the server) is corrupted. The capacity of
>> that
>> drive is 1.7 terabytes and there are about 3 million files currently on
>> that
>> drive (used space about 1.2 TB). I would like to run a chkdsk on the
>> drive
>> with /f /r arguments. Can anyone help me provide a rough gauge on how
>> long
>> will chkdsk take to run on such a large drive? I know there will be a
>> significant downtime required, but I want to get a rough idea on how long
>> will that be so that I can tell my customers what to expect. Also, please
>> let
>> me know if there is any better alternative that chkdsk for such a
>> scenario?
>> Thanks a lot in advance.