In case this helps someone... Or in case someone can provide a hint...

Vantec NexStar Hard Drive Dock looks good. With a slot at the top,
like a toaster, you slide in a SATA drive, then it's an external hard
drive with USB 2.0, Firewire 400, and eSATA interfaces. Neat.

Works as a drive. I made a clone of my hard drive, part of my usual
back up routine. Can read and write files, no problem.

However, I'm unable to boot from the drive connected as Firewire or
USB. Starting with the option key, I can select the drive and start
the boot. It hangs up and after a short delay the mac chimes and boots
again. After several tries I gave up. Same with Firewire and USB.

Searching the Vantec web site, there is NO HINT about whether this
drive dock is bootable on a Mac. Also, NO HINT about which chipset is
used in the product. One usenet posting quotes a Tech Support response
about a different Vantec hard drive enclosure "Sorry, that's not
bootable on a mac."

We've known for years now that some Firewire drives are bootable by
Macs and some are not. I think it's pretty weak for a manufacturer not
to provide this information.

Am I missing something? Does the caution "some ext drives won't boot"
apply to USB drives too? Or is it more likely that my Carbon Copy
Cloner produced clone is broken somehow?


-- Sally

Sally Shears (a.k.a. "Molly") -or-
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