I use an external drive to make a clone backup to supplement the Time
Machine backup.

Looking for the best external drive solution, I had been using Firewire
400 and 800 enclosures with IDE drives. Seems like it might be time to
switch to eSATA and SATA drives, but I've run into problems.

1. Shopping at MicroCenter, they recommended an Express slot eSATA
adapter, but Googling a bit showed that it wasn't supported in Leopard
per the manufacturer's site.

2. I remembered a good review for the Sonnet Tempo SATA ExpressCard/34
card, confirmed this on the web, and purchased one. For a drive &
enclosure, I went with the Seagate FreeAgent Pro with a 5-year
guarantee. All sounded good.

3. Get home and find in the small print on the Sonnet web site, "While
some customers have successfully used external hard drives with USB
2.0/eSATA dual interface, these products (based on the Oxford
Semiconductor OXU931DS storage controller chip) exhibit underlying
errors that prevent them from being fully compatible with this Sonnet
product under Mac OS X. Kernel panics occurring when the drive is
connected, and the drive not being recognized by the operating system
are known issues." Postings on usenet confirm the problems. Thank you
to Sonnet for including this information on the web site.

Ugh! eSATA doesn't just plug and play! Ugly.

And, thank you to MicroCenter for a reasonable return policy so I could
return all this stuff.

I'm starting from scratch. What's a good combination of Express/34
card and eSATA external enclosure for a MacBook Pro?

-- Sally

p.s. MacBook Pro 2.2GHz, mid 2007 model. Leopard 10.5.4. I'd like 500g
or 1TB external solution for periodic backup.

Sally Shears (a.k.a. "Molly")
SallyShears@gmail.com -or- Sally@Shears.org
SallyShears (at) gmail (dot) com