Hi all,

I have some questions about the file managerment system on SAN
Since I want to build a SAN system that all of the servers can read/
write the same disk volumn simultaneously, a file managerment system
is needed to control the data access.
Is there any good data management systems to arbitrate the usage of
shared storage?

I have did a brief survey about this kind of system, such as Stornext
File System, Tivoli SANergy, and Tiger MataSAN.
Stornext FS and SANergy seem to be the popular systems. They both
operate at RHEL and Microsoft Windows and provide good
MataSAN is a new SAN management software. However, the MataSAN server
is only running on OS X or Windows. RHEL must be the MataSAN client.

Is there other choice about the file manager?
Thanks a lot.