I ran the basic new hard drive with:

In the lower windowpane on the right hand side, you should see
unallocated space for the drive. Right-click anywhere on the
unallocated space to see a menu of available options.

Click on Create Partition

The Create Partition Wizard will appear. Click on Next.

Leave Primary partition selected and click Next.

Choose the partition size and click Next.

Leave Assign a drive letter. selected and click Next.

Leave Format this partition with the following settings: selected and
choose the file system you want. Select Perform a quick format and
click Next.

Click Finish.

Under the drive it will indicate that the drive is formatting and will
show you a percentage complete. Depending on the size of your hard
drive and the speed of your computer, it could take more than an hour
to format the whole drive.

However this new 80 GB I get no success. I start with Unallocated
75.53GB. I create the Primary; NTFS. When this process is finished I I
have in the graph 64 GB unallocated AND I: 74.53 GB Healthy. This is
formatted, NTFS. And after formatting I can't access the drive.

I thought I'd see write signature during the setup. If I delete the
partition the disk returns to Unallocatged 75.53GB. However what I do
there after I'll end up with two partitions: 64 GB unallocated and
drive I: 74.53 GB Healthy.

How can I process this new drive using Windows 2000? Or do I need a WD
utility? Thanks for any insight.