Hello People...

[I just joined...greetings to all.]

My (recently new) audio workstation...mfg.'d by ADK...came w/ Paragon Drive Backup (8.1)...which I can utilize to backup my entire local drive content (OS/programs/files & folders) to a dedicated recovery capsule...(which I believe is located on a dedicated partition).

What I would like to do...(because I have 2 external hard drives, capable of backing up everything I have)...is 1st; ELIMINATE that recovery capsule.

Then...I would like to recover that partition to the volume...so as to add it's space to the available, writable area of the entire local drive (i.e., only have one main partition). [I do have the XP bible (Bott & Seichert)...& I suppose the sequence is detailed in there somewhere...but I thought also that someone here might have some practical experience w/ this task.]

Then...I want to back up my entire local drive to one of my external drives (since I am going to install SP3...& a complete back-up is recommended prior). [This... I believe I already know how to do...since it is listed as one of the main options on the mail Paragon interface.]

[Also...when PDBU backs up the local drive, are individual files & folders available for recovery?]



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