Volume 10, Issue 7: April 2, 2008

Note from the Editor

Greetings and Welcome to TechNet Flash,

With all the recent launches, including the SP1 update for Windows Vista, it's
time to start talking about the "D" word. That's right, deployment, and here's
a great place to start: The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2008
is now Windows Vista Service
Pack 1-ready. Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2008 is the next version of
Microsoft Business Desktop Deployment 2007, adding integration with recently
released Microsoft deployment technologies to create a single path for image
creation and automated installation of desktops and servers.

You can also deploy the 2007 Microsoft Office system with the Microsoft
Deployment Toolkit .

To access guidance, resources, tools, and straight-talk articles to help
address your Windows Vista adoption questions anytime, visit the Springboard
Series for Windows Vista.

If you missed the Windows Vista Virtual Roundtable with Mark Russinovich, do
yourself a favor and watch the on-demand replay <http://go.microsoft.com/?
linkid=8643504>. Microsoft Technical Fellow and desktop guru Mark Russinovich
hosted a panel of independent industry experts and IT pros from organizations
around the world that have already deployed Windows Vista. They openly
discussed known challenges, solutions, and workarounds, plus they provided
tips and tricks based on their real-world deployment experiences. Also find
video and audio download options on
TechNet Spotlight. Don't believe it's worth your time? Check out this 90-
second snippet on YouTube.

TechNet Magazine this month focuses
its sights on Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Check out what's new for database
administrators , explore some of the
most important security-related changes <http://go.microsoft.com/?
linkid=8643509>, and get an in-depth look at the seven new built-in data types
. For more, watch "24 Hours of SQL
Server 2008 ."

Cool Stuff Update

╖ Turn Your Home or Office into a Connected Entertainment Center

Want to watch TV on your PC, on your schedule? Check out Windows Media Center
in action.

╖ LifeCam NX3000 and NX6000
Learn about ultra-compact notebook webcams for video calling.

╖ Wireless Laser Desktop 7000
Including the Wireless Laser Mouse 7000, this sleek new duo brings the beauty
of Windows Aero to your desktop with a translucent design, floating keys, and
instant access to Windows Flip 3D.

╖ Silverlight Showcase
At last count, there are more than 172 applications from 38 different
countries displaying the innovation and creativity that Silverlight enables.

Thanks for reading,

Mitch Irsfeld
Editor, TechNet Flash


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Evaluation Center Updates

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 Trial Software

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 is a comprehensive
solution optimized for the management of Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 servers
running in the virtualized data center. Register to download the free 120-day
trial software and you will receive
valuable resources assembled to address the challenges specific to each stage
of evaluation.

Windows Server 2008 Trial Software Now Available for Download

With its built-in server and presentation virtualization technologies, Windows
Server 2008 enables you to reduce costs, increase hardware utilization, and
accelerate and extend application deployment and access, while improving
server and application availability. Also see the Top 11 Reasons to Upgrade to
Windows Server 2008 .


Scripting for IT Pros
Hey Scripting Guy...

╖ How Can I Add a Hotkey to an HTA Button? <http://go.microsoft.com/?

╖ How Can I Use Both AND and OR Operators in a Single WMI Query?

╖ How Can I Use Data Read From a Text File as Command-Line Parameters
For a
Batch File?

See more Scripting Tips

See previous comics in the TechNet Flash Web-based archive


Support and Troubleshooting
How-to Articles

╖ How to obtain support from Microsoft for certain Groove Virtual Office
licensing issues

╖ How to create an ISO image for a Windows PE CD-ROM for Windows Server


╖ FIX: Error message when you try to add the "SWIFT Trailer.xsd" XML
file to a BizTalk project in BizTalk Server: "Failed to load schema"

╖ FIX: The SPACE function always returns one space in SQL Server 2000 if
SPACE function uses a collation that differs from the collation of the current

Knowledge Base Articles

╖ The Incidents log in the Forefront Security Administrator client does
display all the incidents when you run a background scan in Forefront Security
for Exchange Server

╖ An external NDR message is sent to all recipients on a distribution
Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1

See a selection of new Knowledge Base articles <http://go.microsoft.com/?
linkid=8643522> on the TechNet Web site. KB articles feature an Article
Translations box in the right column. You can select a language from the drop-
down list and read the article in the selected language.

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Featured Downloads

Announcing the Software Updates Synchronization SuperFlow

The Software Updates Synchronization SuperFlow is a dynamic, interactive
dataflow model that provides all of the information needed to understand the
software updates synchronization process in System Center Configuration
Manager 2007.

Determine Your Hardware and Migration Readiness in Just Hours

Microsoft Assessment and Planning Solution Accelerator is the expanded version
of the Windows Vista Hardware Assessment Solution Accelerator tool that was
released in early 2007. New features include Windows Vista and Windows Server
2008 hardware assessment, virtualization candidacy recommendation for Virtual
Server 2005 R2 (this release) and Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V (future
release), and more.

Get Connected to Fabulous Prizes with the Windows HPC Server Beta Program

Sweepstakes prizes include:

╖ One Xbox 360

╖ Ten $100 Amazon.com gift certificates

╖ Ten Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 copies


Upcoming Webcasts

What Is Coming Beyond System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 (Level 200)

April 23, 8:00 AM Pacific Time
In this webcast, we discuss what is in store for System Center Data Protection
Manager 2007.

High-Performance Computing with Windows (Level 200) <http://go.microsoft.com/?
May 30, 11:30 AM Pacific Time
In this webcast, we discuss the high-performance computing (HPC) in Windows
compared with a Linux solution.

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Forefront Special Promotion
For a limited time, get up to 35 percent off the estimated retail price of
Microsoft Forefront Client Security. Find out more and download the trial

Webcast: Information About Microsoft April Security Bulletins (Level 200)

April 9, 11:00 AM Pacific Time
On April 8, Microsoft releases its monthly security bulletins. Join us for a
brief overview of the technical details of the April security bulletins. The
intent of this Webcast is to address your concerns. Therefore, most of the
time will be devoted to attendees asking questions about the bulletins and
getting answers from our security experts.

Security Center


On Demand

Concurrent Deployment of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 (Level 100)

Explore the advantages of an infrastructure based on Windows Vista and Windows
Server 2008. Join us as we discuss the processes and tools that make the
adoption process smoother, as well as provide prescriptive guidance and best

Learn More About Windows HPC Server 2008 on Edge.TechNet

On-demand webcasts include:

╖ Using Windows PowerShell in Windows HPC Server 2008

╖ Job Submission and Management in Windows HPC Server 2008

╖ Compute Node Deployment with Windows HPC Server 2008

More On-Demand Sessions


Virtual Labs

Windows Server 2008: Web, Virtualization, Security, and a Solid Foundation for
Your Business Workloads
These virtual labs give you a chance to test drive the new features of Windows
Server 2008, which include improvements to management, network protection, and
Terminal Services. Sign up for a free 90-minute block of time, download a
manual, and step through a lab today.

SQL Server 2008: Access Your Data Any Place, Any Time

Test drive SQL Server 2008 and see how it can provide a scalable, high-
performance database engine for mission-critical applications that require the
highest levels of availability and security. Virtual labs are simple, with no
complex setup or installation required. You get a downloadable manual and a 90-
minute block of time for each module.

More Virtual Labs


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