I am an IT Specialist at a U.S. Federal agency in the Washington DC
area. The below describes a data recovery situation we are faced
with; it involves an attempt to export historically valuable data from
an older, archived jukebox/M-O disk system. I'm the person trying to
export this data and I've got a good deal of it off this old system,
but am stuck on some technical points that I can't get past. This
stuff is OLD and I don't know where to turn to get help -- are there
consultants out there who deal with such specialized situations?
Apologies if this is the wrong forum...............Thanks!!!

Bob Spangler
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Technical description:

The system consists of 2 Windows NT servers and two HP jukeboxes
housing magneto-optical (M-O) disks. Access to the disks is
controlled by software called Ascent Storage from Kofax. This
equipment, and the software it runs, is from the early 1990's.

The overall purpose of the process is to export all available TIFF
image files from the M-O disks.

The hardware and software setup for the system is as follows:

2 Compaq Proliant Servers Model 1600R
2 HP Sure Store optical 1200ex jukeboxes

Windows NT 4.0, service pack 6
ArchiveXtender Ascent Storage edition v5.5
SQL server

The export process has been slow, due to the need to export one file
at a time, and the inability of a vendor-supplied (Ascent Storage)
export utility to work reliably. To date, approximately 479,000 (60%)
of the expected 800,000 files have been exported.

A number of error messages have been encountered in exporting the TIFF
files; e.g. when attempting an export of a given file (even though it
can be "seen" during a directory listing) the system may report
"Access denied," "File not found," or "Session timed out." It is
believed that these messages are perhaps a result of corruption
problems in the SQL server database and the way in which it works with
the Kofax product and ArchiveXtender to define a custom "File system."
The TIFF image files themselves are not directly addressible from the
OS- ArchiveXtender/Kofax defines a "share" and then you have to go
into that product to attempt retrieval.