We have a HP NAS 1000s that we are upgrading to a 1200s with the HP upgrade
kit. This machine will end up running Windows Storage Server 2003 (non-R2)

I recently purchased 4 750gb drives to upgrade the capacity of the device.
However, the Silicon Image 0680a hangs at device enumeration. The other ide
controller (part of the Serverworks Chipset, I believe) recognizes the other
two 750gb drives.

HP Business Forums are down, so I was wondering if anyone here had any
suggestions. Firmware updates from Silicon Images will not take, as they
will only work on addon PCI cards with their chipset.

I know there is an HP post WSS 2003 update that can only be applied after
but I would rather now blow away the current drives and I am unsure if the
update (it says it includes "Other firmware and software updates for
applicable systems") but I am unsure if this includes an update for the SIL