I have a Windows 2003 Server 64-bit that we need to backup to a locally
attached tape library. The library we are using is Overland Neo 2000 ( a
GREAT product by the way ) and it apparently has no Removable Storage
Driver, so we cannot use the native Windows backup application. I am
looking for recommendations for a high quality backup application that for
under $500 will deliver single server backup to a fibre channel attached
tape library.

I was shocked to see Backup Exec prices have gotten quite high, and to do
the above in Backup Exec 11 I was looking at nearly $2500 in list price
software. Even after steep discounting I am way over budget.

Tape backup software for Windows has gotten way too competitive for me to
believe that there is not a decent application to handle this simple
application with the attached fibre device at under $500. What are my