Hello All,

I've bought a SiteCom LAN-drive, and have a bit of a problem with using
wildcards in filenames in Windows 98se : the drive cannot find any of the
requested files, although a simple "dir" shows them to be there.

A search of the Web showed that the drive uses a 80186 compatible controller
(RDC2882) and uses firmware from a company named "RDC Semiconductors", at
least if I may believe some text embedded in that firmware.

My question : does anyone know of a solution for this problem (new "vista
capable" firmware does not seem to do the trick), and/or is there a forum
where this kind of hardware is discussed (I would like to know a bit more
about the used controller (no specs found on the web), and if the source and
tools to that firmware exist).

Rudy Wieser