Can somebody help?

I have the following problem.
I use 2x Windows 2003 servers to connect ton 2x Dell iSCSI storage devices.
The one Server can connect to both devices. All working properly.
The second one can connect to one of the Dell iSCSI storage devices, but if
I try to define the second one storage as a Target Portal I receive the popup
message: "Add Target Portal : Initiator Error". in the Event Log I then have
following messages:

19.07.2007,09:12:46,MSiSCSI,Warning,None,113,N/A,UVWXYZ2,iSCSI discovery via
SendTargets failed 0xefff0008 to target portal * 0003260
Root\SCSIADAPTER\0000_0 .
19.07.2007,09:12:46,iScsiPrt,Error,None,10,N/A,UVWXYZ2,Login request failed.
The login response packet is given in the dump data.

From the Server UVWXYZ2 i can ping to the IP .

All Network Adapters (server with IP / and
storage and are connected to the same switch.

What can I do in the situation to fix the Problem?

Is it possible to cleanly un-install the iSCSI initiator software and
install it again?