i have a test standalone windows storage server 2003 r2 with sp2.

the storage server should share files via nfs to an apache server which runs
on a standalone solaris 8 box. this means no AD and no NIS :-)

i created a local user nfs1 and a local group grp_nfs. user name mapping
server is set to localhost. user name mapping is set to use "user password
and group files" and point to the imported passwd and group file from the
solaris box.

then i created a directory for the share and added the grp_nfs to it and
enable the nfs share.

now when i want to add nfs users under "nfs sharing" -> "permissions" ->
"add" then the box under "names" is empty. and then when i try to add the
user nfs1 i get an pop up with an error message

the name nfs1 could not be resolved

where i have to look at to resolve this name resolving issue? i did not
touch the .maphost file, because as i understand name resolving should be
working on localhost when the default file is there.

thanks in advance for your help/questions and
best regards,