In MS-DOS 6 and later there was an "advanced" backup program. Prior to DOS
6, you had the simple backup.com (or exe) utility, but in DOS 6 you had a
GUI-based backup program (with compression) that could be opened in DOS and
in Windows.

I think your files are from that program: if your problem is not yet solved
I can get the program for you if you want so you can try it out...

Kind regards

Patrick Vandeweert


"David Ogden" wrote in message
> Hello
> This may seem a strange request in this hi-tech age.
> I've found 10 back up discs that were created using the Back Up facility
> in
> Windows 3.1. They contain staff and patient related information for a
> hospital.
> An example of the filename is: cc90205A.013
> Do you know of any software program that will allow me to view the
> contents?
> David