I have WinTarget 2.0.95 installed on WSS 2003 SP1, and I have two other
servers: an Exchange 2003 server, and a SQL 2005 server, both of which
store their data files on the WinTarget box. Everything works
fine...except when I try to backup the Exchange and SQL databases using
the Exchange and MSDE Writer options in Arcserve 11.5. I get an error
stating "The volume shadow service provider reported that no volume
shadow copies were imported." in the Arcserve log. It's like WinTarget
can't make a snapshot. I try to manually create a snapshot of those
disks using the WinTarget console, and it says Snapshot Created
Successfully", but no snapshot appears in the list. This whole problem
started after I replaced the array in my WSS with larger hard drives,
and used Arcserve to restore the data. The OS was not touched. I used
to call WinTarget directly and talk to the technicians, but now the
recording says to call Microsoft. When you call Microsoft, they say
you need to call WinTarget.

Who can I speak to for support with this product?

P.S. I have built the exact setup of servers described in the WinTarget
white paper called "Using WinTarget VSS Hardware Provider and CA
Arcserve" dated July 2005.

Thank you for your help.