I am about to order two NAS devices and start to transfer the plethora of
data we have poorly scattered around the network to them. Actually, my plan
is to store _all_ data on one of the NAS servers and "replicate" it to the
other. These two NAS devices will be on the same gigabit switch. All I
ever read about is deploying DFS across slow WAN links with the help of RDC
and DFS Namespaces. I was wondering if this same technology would be useful
to create a mirror of my NAS server. I know it isn't a good practice to put
all my eggs in one basket but I thought it would be okay if I "mirror" the
server in case of hardware failure or what have you. Can someone tell me
what I should be doing? Am I going in the right direction or should I look
into some kind of clustering technology. I just need the right direction so
I don't waste a lot of time researching something that won't help me.
Thanks for all comments.