Steen Schlüter Persson (DK) wrote:
> Hi
> Does any of you have any experience in using an EVA (Enterprise Virtual
> Array) SAN for SQL server storage? I'm mostly looking for some info on
> how performance is on this type of SAN compared to a normal SAN.
> I've tried to google for some comparison on this, but haven't really
> found anything that indicates how performance is between the two types.
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> Steen Schlüter Persson
> Database Administrator / System Administrator

Steen: I'm using an EVA5000 for Oracle (not SQL Server) storage and
have had no problems with it. Ours is a slightly older EVA and is
currently using 3.x firmware that only provides a single active path to
a LUN, however, performance is still fine (I have no statistics, I've
had no need for them in my environment).

Newer EVAs such as the EVA4000 and EVA8000 will come right out of the
factory with firmware that will allow you to have two active paths at
the same time. With that in mind, if you're using Microsoft's MPIO,
you'll also need to use the EVA DSM for a multipathing solution. HP
also has the former Compaq/Digital product called SecurePath. It
provides for more failover paths, which will benefit you if you've got
more than just your average SAN with one or two paths between your
system and the storage.

One other thing to keep in mind with the EVA, Windows based systems,
and HP SmartStart (if using HP's ProLiant BL20p Blade Servers) is that
older versions of SmartStart put bad registry values into the registry
for the QLogic HBAs. Just one to keep in mind if you're using this
combination and find your blades taking 5 - 7 minutes to boot once they
see your SAN.

If you're also using an HP-UX system, with the new EVAs, you should
probably have the choice of using either SecurePath for HP-UX or
straight LVM.

As John mentioned, you'll also have the possibility of comingling
impacting your performance, but overall (IMO), the EVA is a good disk

Charles R. Whealton
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