Hi Everybody,
I have a MPIO question , In my target side , i create 2 volumes and attach 2
luns also there are 2 network portals in my target side. I use ms initiator
drive 2.0 to login my target with multi-path enabled for each network
portal(will appear 2 sessions and mpio policy is ROUND ROBIN in initiator
window) .then running I/O to the 2 volumes. After running I/O for few while
, i try to logoff one session of them , and it could logoff successfully ,
After a while I see the volume disappear in "Disk Management" and I/O
stopped ,open the target properties tab ->Device->Advance ->select one device
, i see it lost MPIO tab, but the other session still running I/O . After i
re-login with multi-path to the network portal , the volume appear again in
Disk Management. is this normal? Or is my target side problem?
Any suggestions on how to go about this are appreciated. Thanks ...