Hello, all.

I'm upgrading an environment from a Windows 2000/2003 DC to include our new
Dell NAS that has WSS 2003 R2.

The server is on our Active Directory domain and I have upgraded our Active
Directory from version 30 to 31 to take advantage of R2 features.

One of the challenges that I'm facing is trying to move some print-server
functionality from our old Windows 2000 server to the new NAS running WSS
2003 R2.

I have created a couple printers and installed the drivers that Windows
found. However, from an existing 2000 Server, I tried creating a new
printer to the NAS. It stated that there were no 32-bit drivers found and
then gave me the option to select OK or CANCEL. OK simply makes me browse
locally for drivers.

I have googled around and cannot seem to find what I need to do in order to
get the 32-bit drivers for my servers and XP clients installed on the NAS.

If anyone would be so kind to explain how to do this, I would appreciate it

Thank you.