Hi all,

I have a general research enquiry regarding IP tracking and wondered if you
might be able to help?

I am currently following a debate regarding the claims of 3 apparently
independent sources via an e-mail list and website. Information has recently
been disclosed which shows a correlation between IP addresses.

One side of the debate argues that the IP correlation is 'proof positive'
that these 3 individual sources are in fact one person with 3 e-mail accounts.

The other side 'counters' that the IP addresses belong to the mail server
andcannot be used to identify individual machines.

If you are able to resolve this debate I would be very grateful, if not
could you possibly refer me to someone who can?

To reiterate my questions:

1. Is it possible to identify an individual source from IP data?

2. If apparently independent e-mails repeatedly originate from the same
IP's, could this indicate that they are, in fact coming from the same source?

With your permission I would like to post your response on the forum at, I
will of course reference the website and remove any names if required. Thanks
for your time.

Kind regards,

Lee Nicholson.

debate links: