Greetings to all!

I have recently ran into what appears to be a severe problem or glitch in
Removable Storage Manager, or the associated drivers for my devices. I
currently administrate a network consisting of several PC's (46), which are
all hooked into a high preformance SCSI Raid Array, at which point data is
migrated off onto several HP 20XT Optical Libraries (1.3gb MO, one drive),
then onto a DLT Drive for long term storage. Access to the files has to be
transparent, since all the data must be present at one given time accessable
over the network without Admin intervention.

We recently upgraded the main Server to Windows Server 2003 Enterprise. So
far the OS is excellent, however, RSM is giving me troubles (thats a

The 20XT units show up as a Medium Changer on one SCSI bus with a ID, and
the drive accordingly for that unit under the same bus with another SCSI ID.
Right now, the one unit currently hooked up (the others are offline for
simplicity here), has a Medium Changer ID of 3 and a Drive ID of 4.

Because of recent changes with our previous Migration program provider, I
wanted to give RSM/Remote Storage a chance. Turns out I need RSM to use
Remote Storage through, which is turning out to be a VERY large problem.

RSM refuses to see the Library unit. It is configured as a HP Tape Library,
if I force the Medium Changer driver to the HP SureStore Optical Library
(hpmc.sys), it installs, and RSM still refuses to see the unit. The Library
is a C1718T, the Drive is a C1716T. The drive shows up as E:\, PhysicalDrive1.

This is NOT a failed Library Configuration problem. I've been through that a
thousand times. The key under Config for NtmsSvc for Changer0 doesn't exist.

If I create that key, and then fill it with the values AutoCfg of DWORD and
value 0, and a String of DriveBay0 and containing PhysicalDrive1, then RSM
certainly attempts to contact the library unit, because the Library goes into
SECURE mode (ie, Host is accessing it, so you can't remove/add disks when in

Then, RSM completly deadlocks. I cannot access it through the MMC plugin. My
Event Viewer fills with LITERALLY thousands of Error 57's- Unable to retrieve
the status of the Import/Export element or similar. The Library works
according to HP's Library and Tape Tools, L&TT can detect the IE slot just
fine and work with it.

I can only assume that this is a bug in the HPMC.sys driver file. I'm stuck
right now with a twitchingly dead RSM service that refuses to see the Library
and the drive with it, and if I force it by creating the appropriete keys
under NtmsSvc, it just floods my Event Viewer about not being able to get the
status of the IE Element.

What should I do?

RSM and Remote Storage sounds great. I would really like to use it, figuring
that it came with 2003 and we payed for it.