Looking to do a Windows Server 2003 build for Exchange \ SQL Server and been
researching about the new Storport driver model as per link below.

All sounds good, seems the best way to go but wondering if anyone here has
real world experiences to share ? Number one concern is stability obviously
, but also would be interested to hear of any benchmark / performance stuff.
Aiming to do our own of course


What I know already :

- Vendor Driver / Firmware / Match up / HCL HCL HCL HCL HCL HCL HCL :-)
- Check Vendor support.
- Test Test Test Test with realistic workloads.
- Operational Testing / failover etc.
- Hotfixes - http://support.microsoft.com/default...b;en-us;883646

Environment is HP DL580/585 QLogic 2340 HBA's , EMC Clariion Cx700